Post-Falcon Ridge (post)

Wow.  What an amazing weekend at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.  A great late-night song circle at the Budgiedome, a fantastic Emerging Artists Showcase with many other wonderful artists besides Yours Truly, and unplugged sets at Pirate Camp, Acoustic Live, and the Budgiedome.

So many beautiful people at this most magical place on Earth.  I can’t tell you how much fun it was to play at the Emerging Artists Showcase with my friends from the No Fuss and Feathers Roadshow (Catherine Miles, Karyn Oliver, and Carolann Solebello) as well as FRFF House Band members Mark Dann and Eric Lee.  And so rewarding to see pals Scott Wolfson (& Other Heroes), Meg Braun, and Mya Byrne emerge on the same day.

I could go on forever about the people, the music, the food (thank you, Nyota’s Ting for the vegan barbecue and Taste Budd’s for the vegan chippers), and the wicked fun 60-minute songwriters’ challenge that we took part in.  But I’ll just say thanks to Anne Saunders and all of the other fine folks who put on this festival and all those who attend it and make it so special.  See ya next year.  Mwah!